Global Bocce

My friends in the bocce community have repeatedly asked one specific question, “What bocce tournaments are coming up?”  They simply want to play more bocce in their areas and want to know what’s going on in other bocce hotbeds around the USA and in other countries.  However, they have been frustrated for many years because there was never a reliable place to get the info.  If you’re like them and love bocce, I bet you feel the same, don’t you?

Global Bocce is my effort to answer their question and provide other important bocce information to not only them, but also to you and all my future bocce friends.  Global Bocce is your comprehensive source for Tournaments, Leagues, News and Venues.

Do you want to contribute to the community?  Please send me an email if you want me to include your group’s info, if you hear of a tournament, charity event or a bocce story that is not on here yet.  I thank you and in advance, and so do the all the bocce lovers you’re helping.

Joe Quartarone