Global Bocce

“What bocce tournaments are coming up?”

I bet that sounds familiar.   You ask it.  Your friends ask the same.  Am I right?

Well then, you are just like my bocce friends and me.  We have been frustrated for years because there is not one reliable list of all tournaments in the USA.

Don’t we simply want to play more bocce and know of the events in advance so we can plan for them?

Sometimes there has been a tournament in another state that you were willing to travel to, but found out about it too late.  It was either filled up, or the airfare was too high by then, or you made other family plans you could not change.  Maybe you signed up for a tournament, then learned a week or two later that there was another one that same day that you would have preferred to play in.  You’re not alone.  It’s happened to all of us.

While organizing and running bocce tournaments for the Methuen Sons of Italy for years, I was constantly communicating with other clubs so we would not run tournaments on the same days.  This way, members of all of our bocce clubs could participate in as many events as they could.  There were still tournaments that went under the radar though.

The good news is, I am committed to helping you and your club.  Global Bocce is my best effort to ease the pain you, my friends and I have experienced by answering that troublesome question.

However, I am not stopping there.  My team and I will post other interesting bocce information on this site and the Global Bocce social media pages.  As bocce is exploding in popularity in the United States, players and event organizers are craving info about other hotbeds here and overseas.  They want to know:

  • what leagues they can join
  • tips on how to play better
  • who won championships in other countries
  • where they can play bocce when traveling
  • designing commercial, personal or public courts
  • how to start a league or run a local tournament
  • updates on bocce becoming an Olympic sport in the 2024 Paris Games

Maybe you are a bocce fanatic like my friends with Frederick Bocce, Richard and Donna Maranto, who recently started a casual league in a park on the grass.  They have grown the league to over 40 families within a year.  They asked for guidance from me on building permanent public courts and I am happy to announce with their intense dedication to the sport we love, and a bit of help pointing them in the right directions, their group was able to secure public and private funding to build 4 courts in a historic park in downtown Frederick, MD.

Perhaps you are moving to a new city for your job or you are traveling for work or vacation and want to play bocce with locals.  The Global Bocce list of clubs and contacts will be helpful to meet some new bocce buddies and have some fun.


Would you like to contribute to the Global Bocce Community?  I would love to share your info and ideas with everyone.

Please send me an email to include your group’s contact info on the site. Also, reach out to me if you hear of a tournament, charity event or a bocce story that I have not posted yet that others would like to know about.  Is there anything unique about your club you want to share?  For instance:

  • Do you teach bocce to seniors or children in your area?
  • Do you set up courts or run events at festivals, feasts or other community gatherings?
  • Do you support a specific charity with funds raised from bocce events?
  • Are there any news articles or video clips you’d like to include on your page?

I thank you and in advance, and so do the all the bocce lovers you’re helping.

Global Bocce is your comprehensive source for Tournaments, Leagues, News and Venues.

Happy rolling!

Joe Quartarone,