Tips for Submitting Bocce Tournament Events

To see an excellent example of what your tournament / event page could look like, click on “2020 Grimes Mill 4 Person Fall Bocce Tournament” 

BEFORE Submitting an Event

These suggestions will help make your entry look similar to previously posted bocce events and make the approval go smoothly. Once your event page is created, you will be able to use it as your “tournament/event flyer” to send to players, sponsors and media.

  • You will already have Organizer and Venue profiles if you know that your events have been on the calendar in the past. 
  • Organizer List: Check if your name (or the tournament/league director’s name) is already in the dropdown list. If so, is the info correct? For several years we have been listing events.
  • Venue List: Check if your facility is also in the list. If so, is the info correct?
  • Send us any corrections to make if you notice a mistake.
  • If you or your club are NOT listed, that is probably because your events were not in the calendar. When you enter your first event, you will simultaneously and automatically CREATE NEW PROFILES for your club and the organizers.   
  • If you are not ready to enter a tournament or event at this time, we’d still love to set up your club’s page with your contact info and club/league details (# of courts, court surfaces, dimensions, board members, annual events, announcements, etc.). Email us your details.

The Submittal Form

  • Event Title: Please try to make a truly unique event title similar to “2021 Methuen Sons of Italy Fall Bocce Tournament” or “7th Annual Tom Gialde Memorial Bocce Tournament 2020.” It is best to put the year of the event at the beginning and use descriptive words such as the season (Fall, Summer, etc.) if you have more than one of these events per year.  See more examples by scanning through past events.
  • Event Description: Let us know about the details of your event. Typing in the box is just like using Microsoft Word. Some things to consider are:
  • Players / Team
  • Cost / Team
  • Payouts (based on a certain # of teams)
  • Are substitutes allowed?
  • Practice times
  • Registration instructions
  • Directions if the courts are difficult to find
  • Deadlines to register or book a hotel room
  • Links to your registration, sponsorship and hotel forms
  • OR, EMAIL your forms and we will post them for you
  • If you are uncertain of the exact times or day use an estimate or use the “all day” option
  • Documents for download by the players: Email the documents you want the public to download from your event page (registration flyers, hotel info, sponsorship forms, etc.) and we will attach them.
  • Photos of the club or past events: You are able to include 1 main photo for the event in the “Submit Your Event” form. Email the photos if you want to add more.
  • Cost: Are you are accepting payments as a team or by the induvial player? If you want to only take registration fees as a team, put the total in the box. For example put $200 for a (4) person team that is $50 for each of the (4) Players. If you want to collect money from each player, enter $50 in the box.

After Submitting Your Event 

  • Edit the event details: It is possible to edit many parts of the event page. You change the dates, times, description and add other organizers.
  • Simply click on the “View My Events” button on the “Submit Your Event page“, then make the corrections.
  • Edits that don’t work after the submittal: It’s not an option to delete the event or change Organizer / Venue details in the profiles. Contact us with your changes.
  • Likewise, contact us if you have any problems.

Are you ready to Submit Your Event?