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Looking for a bocce tournament or event in your area or you want to take a road trip to win some big prize money?  We use several categories to tag the tournament pages so it is easy for you to quickly find what you’re searching for.

There are 3 main types of searches:

1st Type of Search:  Events Calendar and Keyword Search

Simply look at the Events Calendar (not using any regions) to see all USA, Canadian and other bocce tournaments around the world.  Notice that you can search by: MONTH, DAY or LIST.  “List” has a short description of all the events and they are listed  in chronological order on the same page.  At the top of the calendar, there is a “keyword search bar” that allows you to look up bocce tournaments by city, state or name of the event.

2nd Type of Search:  USA and Canadian Regions  (West  |  Midwest  |  East)

East Coast Bocce Tournaments

Midwest Bocce Tournaments

West Coast Bocce Tournaments

3rd Type of Search:  USA and Canadian Regions  (Quadrants) 

Northwest Bocce Tournaments

Southwest Bocce Tournaments

Northeast & Great Lakes Bocce Tournaments

Southeast Bocce Tournaments

Events are further categorized into 1 of 4 quadrants in the USA / Canada because there may be some overlap of regions.  For example, you may not be sure if Ohio is in the East Coast or the Midwest region.  Therefore these events have 2 tags:  Ohio is listed as Midwest AND as Northeast & Great Lakes.  Western Pennsylvania events are in the East Coast AND Northeast & Great Lakes regions.

If you have suggestions to improve the site, please email me.

– Joe Quartarone

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