Global Bocce

 “What bocce tournaments are coming up?”

Born out frustration, Global Bocce is the answer to that nagging question we have all asked for years.  Our passionate world-wide community of players, coaches, referees and event directors gather around the central tournament calendar.     

Global Bocce lists events for: 

  • Open Bocce – usually only played in  North America on courts, lawns or beaches
  • Punto Raffa Volo – played internationally (also called PRV, Raffa, Bocce Raffa, Bochas, or Bocha)
  • Bocce Volo – played internationally (also called Boules Lyonnaise or Zerbin)
  • Lawn Bowling (Lawn Boules)
  • Petanque (Petanca, Petank)

Submit your tournaments or leauges directly from the site or email us.

You’ll also find details about:

  • Venues
  • Clubs
  • Leauges
  • News of all types of boules sports

The platform is built.

Do you want to contribute to our dynamic Global Bocce Community?  It’s our pleasure to share your event details and club info with everyone.  Email your tournament and league results, and of course pictures, even the ones not as Instagram worthy as you’d like.  We will post as many as possible on both our personal and the Global Bocce social media channels.  Tag us with #GlobalBocce and @GlobalBocce in your posts so we will see them and repost.

Also, hit us up if you have a knack of telling stories.

Unique stories told through articles, photos and videos bring us closer together, don’t you agree?

Submitting Bocce Events to the Calendar

Submit Bocce Tournament Details to the Events Page using this link.  Doing so will simultaneously and automatically create NEW profiles for your club and the organizers.  You will already have profile if you know that your events have been on the calendar the past few years.  You can select your club and your name from each drop down list, and then tell me of any corrections to make if you notice a mistake.

If you don’t have an event to submit right now, we would still love to include your group’s contact info and photos on our dedicated Venue Page so please send me an email.  Include details of your courts (dimensions, surface, year built, etc.) and your club (history, special festivals or events you hold, etc.)… basically things you would want someone new to your city to know about you.  Also, send your contact info to be set up as an organizer (Name, email, phone, website, club affiliations, etc.).

Thank you for rolling up to Global Bocce and hope you visit often.

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