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It’s our pleasure to help you if you have questions about US Bocce Federation Rules or Rules for the International games Punto Raffa Volo (also known as PRV or Raffa) and Bocce Volo (also known as Zerbin or Boules Lyonnaise).  

We are United States Bocce Federation board members, coaches and internationally certified referees with experience running regional, national and international bocce tournaments. 

In addition, if you want to join the USBF as either an individual or club and have questions, we will gladly assist in getting you registered.

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US Bocce Federation Official Rules

USBF “OPEN Bocce” Rules

There are a few sets of rules floating around the internet regarding how to play bocce in the USA / Canada / North America. It is fantastic that so many people love to play bocce in both little towns and big cities. When Italians settled in different parts of North America, they brought the tradition of bocce with them and although the basic premise of the sport is the same, some bocce clubs have developed of their own unique rules. Above is a link to the OFFICIAL BOCCE RULES set by the US BOCCE FEDERATION. These are the standard rules that clubs in all states and in Canada use for “Open” bocce leagues and tournaments. The US Bocce National Championships play the “Open” Bocce games with these rules and the Punto Raffa Volo games are played according to the rules in the links below.

If you would like us to post your specific club’s rules, email them to us. It may be easy for you to refer players to this page or your page on this Global Bocce site so they can view them virtually or download them. It will save you the time to print them for your players.

International Bocce Official Rules

Punto Raffa Volo Rules – 3 Pages (PRV, Bocce Raffa)

Punto Raffa Volo Rules – 12 pages (PRV, Bocce Raffa)


Bocce Volo Rules (Volo, Boules Lyonnaise, Zerbin) 

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