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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Joe Bocce (Quartarone) and hopefully you find the Global Bocce site helpful, insightful and entertaining. If you have a suggestion to improve the user experience, simply email me and I will do my best to implement it. Your feedback is welcomed. 


“What bocce tournaments are coming up?”

I bet that sounds familiar.   You say it, and your friends ask the same, right?

Well…then you’re just like my bocce friends and me.  We were frustrated for years because there was not one reliable source of all regional and national bocce tournaments. Some of us are such fanatics that we’ll not only play locally, but we’ll travel across the United States or over the border into Canada. It became important for us to know what events are scheduled at other bocce clubs. As the popularity for the sport grows today, many of us are interested with what’s happening with our friends and the top players in the USA, and also with the incredible players in Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It’s fun to catch a live stream or at least see the results and photos of their tournaments. In addition, many charities are now raising money through bocce tournaments and players like you and I want to know how we can help or play in the events.

As a volunteer organizer and a director of regional, national and international tournaments at the Methuen Sons of Italy (near Boston, Massachusetts) for several years, I was constantly communicating with other clubs trying to not overlap events on the same days.  This way, bocce players could participate in as many events as they wanted and not miss out.  Unfortunately, there were some that went under the radar and that had to be fixed.

We all want to play more bocce and you’d probably agree it would be great to have as much advance notice to better plan and prioritize. Everyone is be busy with kids’ activities, other family obligations and work, but we want to make time for rolling bocce.

So…..Born out of need and frustration, a few years ago I set out to create the official bocce tournament calendar. The goal was to finally solve the nagging problem of not knowing about all scheduled events. In pursuit of bocce happiness and growing our beautiful sport, I have spent the last decade traveling across the USA and South America. Thousands of frequent flier miles were earned and many different foods and wines tasted from Massachusetts to Missouri and Miami to Mendocino Wine Country in Northern California, as well as to Canada, Brazil and Argentina. While playing, coaching, organizing bocce events, refereeing international tournaments and exploring these regions, life-long friendships were developed with both male and female players, coaches, directors and refs who represent a few dozen nationalities. Numerous long-distance conversations with these folks who are scattered across 6 continents have strengthened our bonds and Global Bocce has morphed into a world-wide community of passionate lovers of bocce that now includes news, interviews and special events.

Global Bocce lists events for various disciplines of boules sports: 

  • Open Bocce – usually only played in North America on courts, lawns or beaches
  • Punto Raffa Volo – played internationally (also called PRV, Bochas, or Bocha)
  • Bocce Volo – played internationally (also called Boules Lyonnaise or Zerbin)
  • Lawn Bowling – played internationally (Lawn Boules)
  • Petanque – played internationally (the French version of Bocce)


Here are some helpful links:

Below are are ways to Contribute to our dynamic community using this link.

  • Submit your Bocce Club and Bocce Committee Contact Information. 
  • Send us Bocce Info, News, Pictures and Videos once in a while (champs of tournaments and leagues, charity money raised, births, deaths, weddings, etc.).
  • Collaboration on a more regular basis, especially if you are an amateur or professional photographer, videographer or writer/blogger and enjoy telling stories using your skills. And if the pictures are not as Instagram worthy as you would like.

The platform is built. Share with us and we will share your info on our personal and #GlobalBocce social media channels.

Once again, I sincerely appreciate you using the site and being a part of our special community.  Along with the millions of other bocce lovers, I thank you in advance for helping to spread the word that will keep us all networked. I am committed to growing the sport of bocce in the number of players and in generating the necessary exposure to make it an Olympic sport as soon as possible.  Together we can make these goals a reality. 

Happy rolling!  – Joe Bocce (Quartarone)

Email Me or call me with any questions or comments. 978-204-3663