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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Joe Bocce (Quartarone).  I hope you find this site helpful and if you have a suggestion to improve the user experience, simply email me and I will do my best to implement it. Your feedback is welcomed. 

“What bocce tournaments are coming up?”

I bet that sounds familiar.   You say it, and your friends ask the same, right?

Well, then you’re just like my bocce friends and me.  We were frustrated for years because there was not one reliable source of all regional and national bocce tournaments. Some of us are such fanatics that we’ll not only play locally, but we’ll travel across the United States or over border into Canada. It became important for us to know what events are scheduled at other clubs. Today, as popularity for the sport grows, many of us are interested with what’s going on with our friends and top players in the USA, and also with the incredible players in Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It’s fun to catch a live stream or at least see the results and photos of their tournaments. In addition, many charities are now raising money through bocce tournaments and players like you and I want to know how we can help or even play in the events.

As a volunteer organizer and a director of regional, national and international tournaments at the Methuen Sons of Italy for several years, I was constantly communicating with other clubs, so we would not overlap events on the same days.  This way, bocce players could participate in as many events as they wanted and not miss out.  Unfortunately, there were still some that went under the radar.

We all simply want to play more bocce and you’d probably agree it would be great to have advance notice, so we can better plan and prioritize what events to play in.  Everyone seems to be busy with kids’ activities, family obligations and work, but we are still trying to make time for rolling bocce.

Born out of need and frustration, I set out to create the official bocce tournament calendar to finally solve the nagging problem of not knowing about all scheduled events. Over the last decade of traveling across the USA and overseas, organizing events, coaching and playing in tournaments and being a ref at tournaments, I have developed friendships with people on every continent. From those bonds, Global Bocce is morphing into a world-wide community of passionate bocce players, that is still centered around the calendar.

Global Bocce will list events for: 

  • Open Bocce – usually only played North America on courts, lawns or beaches
  • Punto Raffa Volo – played internationally (also called PRV, Bochas, or Bocha)
  • Bocce Volo – played internationally (also called Boules Lyonnaise or Zerbin)
  • Some info on Lawn Bowling (Lawn Boules) and Petanque (send me your info)

The platform is built.

Now, who else wants to contribute to our dynamic Global Bocce Community?  It’s my pleasure to share your event details and club info with everyone.  Email your tournament and league results, and of course pictures, even the ones not as Instagram worthy as you’d like.  I will post as many as possible on both my personal and the Global Bocce social media channels.  Use #GlobalBocce for tagging in your posts.

Also, hit me up if you have a knack of telling stories and want to do so here.

Unique stories told through articles, photos and videos bring us closer together, don’t you agree?

Submitting Bocce Events to the Calendar

Submit Bocce Tournament Details using this link.  Doing so will simultaneously create profiles for your club and the organizers if you don’t have one already, and add your event to the Events Page.  

If you don’t have an event to submit right now, I would still love to include your group’s contact info and photos on our dedicated Venue Page so please send me an email.  Include details of your courts (dimensions, surface, year built, etc.) and your club (history, special festivals or events you hold, etc.)… basically things you would want someone new to your city to know about you.  Also, send your contact info to be set up as an organizer (Name, email, phone, website, club affiliations, etc.).

Once again, thanks for using the site and being a part of our special community.  Along with the millions of other bocce lovers, I thank you in advance for helping to spread the word that will keep us all networked. I am committed to growing the sport of bocce in the number of players and in generating the necessary exposure to get it into the Olympics as soon as possible.  Together we can make these goals a reality. 

Happy rolling!  – Joe Bocce (Quartarone)

Email Me with any questions or comments.

@GlobalBocce – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

@JoeQuartarone – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter