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Looking for a Bocce Tournament in your region or are you traveling and want to see what Bocce Events are going on while you’re there?   Awesome…You landed in the right spot!

I use several categories to tag the tournaments so it’s easier for you to find what you’re searching for.

First, I put each event into one of these 3 categories: West Coast, Midwest or East Coast.  However, there is some overlap of regions that could potentially cause confusion resulting in not as accurate of a search as I want you to experience.  For this reason, I further categorize the events into Northwest, Southwest, Northeast & Great Lakes and Southeast categories, dividing the USA into quarters.

For example, you may not be sure if the tournaments in OH are in the East Coast or the Midwest region.  Therefore these events have 2 tags…..OH is categorized as Midwest AND as Northeast & Great Lakes.  This way you certainly will see events in the Ohio area if you look in both categories.

You can also simply look at the Events Calendar, not using any regions, to see the complete list of bocce tournaments.

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Quadrant Regions

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