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“What bocce tournaments are coming up?”

All of us who love playing bocce have asked that over the years.  As a tournament director, it was particularly aggravating not knowing what other clubs were planning.  So, I set out to relieve my frustration.  Global Bocce now answers that nagging question for other passionate bocce players, coaches, referees and event directors.  Together we make up the dynamic community of bocce fanatics who are gathering around this Central Tournament Calendar as we expand the sport and it’s popularity.  Let us know if you find the info here helpful, interesting and entertaining.  You are encouraged you to explore the site, engage with us on social media and sign up for our free newsletter. 

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We List Events and Club Information for: 

  • Open Bocce – usually only played in  North America on courts, lawns or beaches
  • Punto Raffa Volo – played internationally (PRV, Raffa, Bocce Raffa, Bochas, Bocha)
  • Bocce Volo – played internationally (Volo, Boules Lyonnaise, Zerbin)
  • Lawn Bowling (Lawn Boules)
  • Petanque (Petanca, Petank)

You’ll find details about:


Our efforts to highlight bocce on all levels will be successful with the help of all of you in your local communities.

Thank you for rolling up to Global Bocce.  We hope you visit often.

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